Luxury. The finer things in life.
We at Amused International know what it takes to convey a story: and that all begins with a solid foundation of storytelling experience. 

Our Services

At Amused International we specialize in world-class travel and hospitality, lifestyle, and brand identity. Whether you're seeking to convey the allure of the French countryside, showcase elevated and unique clientele experiences, Amused International does it all. Our staff is composed of industry creatives ranging from VIP concierge connoisseurs, fine wine Sommeliers, to deep-dive data analysts. Let us create a marketing portfolio that is uniquely you!

AI Marketing

At Amused PR we know that the future of AI in marketing is poised to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their consumers, providing personalized experiences, and more. Let us optimize your strategies. 

Social Media

Looking for assistance with your social media calendar, content creation, or finding your social media voice? We will create your road map for you, setting you up for success. 

Influencer Marketing

We are an agency that thrives on visual storytelling - a language that Influencer marketing speaks very well. working with Influencers allows your brand to reach highly targeted audiences. 

Our wholistic bespoke approach to marketing is what sets us apart. Tell us who you are. We'll show you what we can do. 

Photography + Videography

Images tell a story. Let us assist you in your storytelling by crafting compelling content that will grab your audience's attention. We work with a talented and international crew, and we'll have you covered!

Content Creation

As a young and energetic marketing firm, Amused PR is simultaneously an strategic think tank, and talent agency. we will create content for you that gets you noticed, and reflects your brand. 

Bespoke Marketing

Looking for something uniquely you? Of course you are! You're here - so half of your task is already complete! Get in touch and tell us your needs. We'll take it from there. 

Ready to build something beautiful?